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Here we have a solution many of us 88-91 CRX owners face...the broken climate control upgrade. There are options out there to purchase 3D printed housings, which require you to completely gut your stock climate control and swap them over. This option is for those who dont want to go that route or simply bought a chassis without a climate control and want to put a/c and heater back in. This adapter is made to work with a 90-93 Accord climate control (see picture) but not included. You will need to make some mods to the Accord climate control to make it work, you can look up "youngstatic" on youtube for a how to.



This listing includes the follwoing:

1 x USDM 88-91 CRX to 90-93 accord climate control adapter harness


climate control is not included.



USDM CRX climate control adapter

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