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Here we have the much requested budget switch panel with fused relay pdm. This is a slight step down from my higher end version (last picture). Set up is made with Mil-Spec Tefzel wire, covered with mesh loom, individually labeled loose lead wires for easy connection. Each individual loose power lead will be a 14g wire. Then it's just a matter of connecting the fuse box to a battery power source and chassis.


Included are custin laser etched switches, no dealing with stickers falling off. easy to read. the loose leads are power output leads that you will connect to the devices. the last switch is intentionally left black to be used for what you desier, an accessory or auxilary output if you will. the set ups found on this page are in stock only for the number listed. once out of stock i will build more and update the on hand quantity. 


Thses switches panel/fuse box set ups will ship out the following business day.


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