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Here we have a much needed product for all the EF fans out there. We have our radiator support bracket bushings that have now started to deteriorate over time. And have now become even harder to find in decent condition at local junkyard. Here we have brand new oem replacement rubber bushings. Now these will require some work to get them installed. You will need to remove all of the old material from your current brackets. Once the old rubber has been removed these will fit in nicely. I have included pictures of them installed on my personal CR-X.

Please be advised it will take some effort to install. On mine I only removed enough to get them in, I have not fully removed all the old material. All I used was a pair of scissors and a dremel to partially remove the old material. Professional installation is always recommended and please use all proper PPE while installing.

Please be advised listed price is per bushing. 


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