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Here we have an adapter for those who are already running  a K-Series set up and want to upgrade to the new FeulTech FT450 or FT550 ECU/Digital Display unit.


It's a plug n play adpater with an expanion connector for adding in upgraded preassure sensors not found on standard wiring set ups, as well as pre wired CANBUS connection.


This is an ideal unit for those who have already invested in an engine harness and dont want to pay again for a new one.


Whats Included:

02-04 K-Series to FuelTecch adapter harness

Prewired expansion connector (dtm12p) with ign12v and 5v power supply

Prewired Extentsion for Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

CANBUS A connector

K-Series Fueltech Adapter