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Pictured here is the BASE level k series engine harness, not to be confused with a base trim chassis. Base level engine harnesses will be used to refer to base pricing. Engine harness will come pre wired for swap vehicles,fan switch and temp switch connectors will be placed at the thermostat housing location. Engine harnesses are more designed for swap chassis but can be used on stock 02-04 RSX type S but will require a slight mod. if you plan to use an RSX chassis please let me know and i can make the needed mod. Oil pressure switch and temp switch will now feature actual connector housings (see last picture), no heat shrink covered bullet connectors. This added feature helps to ensure the they don’t get loose and easier and safer to grab when removing.


The following sensors connectors are included

Injectors 1-4

ALT - Alternator (extended for relocation kits)

FAN - Fan switch (at thermostat housing)

H20 - Temp switch (at cylinder head location)

KS - Knock sensor (K20)

IAT - Intake Air Temp

Map (k series)

Tps (k series)

Idle Air Control

Starter Solenoid

Reverse lights

Reverse lockout

Vss (analog/gray connector closer to firewall)

Ect (add in message section in cart if using a factory 02-04 RSX chassis)



Coils 1-4

Ckp (K20)


Vtec solenoid

Oil pressure switch

Vtec oil pressure disabled




Routing will be STEALTH style, over valve cover. All harnesses come with a standard grommet to help protect it from rubbing against the firewall. Rubber grommets will also fit my custom free handing mounting plates. Harnesses are made with milspec tefzel wire and sleeved with mesh covering. Labels always included at no extra charge. Upgrades and custom set ups are available via special order (order form coming soon). If the set up you require is not listed, please feel free to email with your required specs. as a starting point the BASE version will be the starting point. Slight changes like 05-06 will not affect pricing but will require to be built and will have a lead time and special order instructions and form.


SKU: K-Series Base
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