The much requested Fueltech K-Series engine harness in base trim. All base series means is mil-spec tefzel wire sleeved with braided mesh sleeving. As always harness comes with pre installed rubber grommet to protect wiring as it passes through the firewall. Rubber boot at ecu connector.


Upgrades are also available. Available in both 100% plug n play and standalone race chassis (comes with fused relay box).


The following is prewired into the Base FT550 K-series

Your choice of routing: stealth (Over Valve Cover) or factory (T-Style)

Injectors 1-4

Coils 1-4 (k-series)

ALT (alternator)

IAT (intake air temp)

TPS (throttle position)

STS (starter solenoid)

RV (reverse lights)

VSS (vehicle speed sensor)

ECT (engine coolant temp)

CMP (cam position)

TDC (top dead center)

CPS (Coolant Press)

FPS (fuel pres)

CKP (crank position)

VTC (vtec spool)

VTS (vtec solenoid)

OPS (oil pressure)

EXTRA (auxiliary expansion pre wired)

RWS (rear wheel speed sensor)





Race application will come with standalone fuse box (upgradeable to switch panel control).


Available upgrade options:

Raychem dr25

Milspec connector

Breakout boots (only with Raychem DR25 upgrde not available with mesh sleeving)

Custom routing

Injector clips

Detachable injector sub harness

Switch panel control


The following chassis options are also available for true 100% plug n play set up. Email via contact page with swap specs and chassis info for this option.

88-91 EF

92-95 EG

96-00 EK

90-93 DA

94-01 DC

00-05 s2000

97-01 CRV


90-97 ACCORD


And more….so feel free to ask

FUELTECH K-Series (FT550)

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