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Dual Fan Relay Upgrade kit. A necessity much like when going with a high power pump, the oem wiring may not be sufficient to run 1 aftermarket fan let alone 2. 


Solution: Dual fan relay kit made of Milspec Tefzel Wire, upgraded from standard oem, Sleeved with mesh loom. 


Each relay is individually protected by its own seperate fuse, DT connectors left with loose leads to connect to your fans. Each Fan will now get its dedicated power supply direct from the battery to ensure there are no gremlins in older factory wiring. Fans will be triggered via a common Honda/Acura Fan switch. 


Included in the kit:

Relay kit with fuses

Pigtails for connecting to your current fan wiring




Kits are made to order please allow 8-10 days to be shipped out. 


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