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For those looking to feed more fuel to your swap by upgrading to a higher volume fuel pump, it is a must to upgrade the wiring as well. A majority of aftermarket fuel pumps require that you upgrade to a higher grade wire as well as size. The EFI Fuel Pump Relay upgrade will not only do all this, but also remove the need feeding your fuel pump via the oem wiring. power wires in the oem wiring of a car are subject to multiple splices, and can also lead to a low power output to your pump. The EFI Fuel Pump Relay upgrade will help to ensure your new high flowing pump will get the power it needs to function as intended by seperating itself from the car stock wiring.  The following is included:- Self resetting circuit breaker- 35a micro relay- fully sealed  enclosure- mounting bracket- made with milspec tefzel wire and sleeved with mesh sleeving.- choice  of oem ecu fuel pump control (obd0, obd1, obd2, k-series) or loose wire for switch panel control  Kits are made to order and can take 3-5 days to ship out depending on current work load. There will be 2 loose leads that will need to be connected directly to your pump for power and ground.  the ground wire for the fuel pump(s) will be relocated back to the chassis as to help reduce the amount of bare copper wires in the fuel tank.

EFI Fuel Pump Relay

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