Here we have the much asked for, EF Battery Ground cable. this is an upgraded version. as you can see in the pictures. this battery ground is made of 6g Motorsport grade battery cable very flexible compared to the oem version. another upgrade is this cable will come sleeved with raychem dr25 military grade heat shrink. and sealed with adhesive lined heat shinrk. all ends are crimped no soldering here. An added upgrade to the oem version is that the mid cable ground point (bolts to chassis by the factory battery tray) is also sealed where as the oem version is exposed and allows grease and debris to penetrate the copper strands causing corrosion and the jacket to become brittle. the final mounting point is located at the transmission. ensuring an perfect link between battery, chassis and engine/transmission. 


You will also have the option of adding 2 extra ground cables sleeved with raychem dr25 to match the new battery ground. 


The mid cable grounding point was hard to find and subject to availibility. i will do my best to secure enough stock for all orders. 


an added upgrade would be using a bigger gauge wire (email for this option) for those custom set ups.

Battery Ground - EF

Main Battery/Chassis/Trans ground
Need extra 12inch ground?

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