Here we have the highly requested ecu can adapter for 04-05 & 06 V6 m/t TL to be able to use flash pro with an 07-08 TL ecu.


My design will feature a crimp style header to allow for future serviceability in case the inevitable happens and a wire breaks. Because of the placement of the ECU this may or may not happen. If it does a simple re crimp will fix the issue. Where as with the potted design once a wire break your screwed if the break happens near the potting. For those who do not know potting is essentially created a mold/housing around the pins, that will be soldered. Once all the pins are soldered the mould is then filled with epoxy resin which hardens. Securing the soldered pins/wire in place. Which help against vibration and solder breaking. But if the wire breaks your screwed because you can no longer access the ends of the wire in the resin.


As an added feature the CAN Bus adapter for the DLC will now be included with the ECU Jumper to give a full kit.